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Feed Enzyme for Pig-- AP1021


     AP1021 is a feed enzyme which developed for pigs more than 60 days old, based on the increasingly higher proportion of varieties of agricultural by-products in finishing pig feed, and their digestive tract development and secretion of digestive enzyme. AP1021 can broaden feed resources and increase range of raw materials selection, thereby lowering the feeding cost, but not affecting the animal growth performance because of the change of ration raw materials.




     cellulase, xylanase, β-glucanase, β-mannanase, and α-galactosidase

Appearance: Coated granule, smooth ball granules, all roughly same size.

Mesh Size:  30-50 Mesh

Moisture:  Not more than 9%



1. Save the feeding cost;

2. Increase the pig daily gain,

3. Broaden feed resources and increase range of raw materials selection;

4. Improve the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients, by hydrolyzing feed NSP;

5. Reduce environmental pollution, by reducing excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus;

6. Steady products’ quality, by reducing the differences between different batches of feed.



     AP1021 is suitable for feed for pig more than 60 days.

Method 1. Direct addition: directly adding it to the animal feed;

Method 2.Lower cost: Without changing feed quality and lower feed costs, our company provides a series of application information, which explains how to use enzyme preparations in different production conditions. If it is necessary, you can contact with us.



     100-120 gram / ton. feed..


     Packaged in a 25 kg carton or paper bucket.

Storage and Shelf Life:

     Be kept in a shady, dry and ventilated place.                               

     The shelf-life is 12 months in ordinary storage conditions.




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